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Finding the Right Janitor Cart with Mop Bucket for General Cleaning

For facilities looking to increase the organization, efficiency, and hygiene in cleaning tasks, starting with the right janitor cart with mop bucket is the first step towards success. By providing dedicated storage, ergonomic features, and time-saving solutions, the most innovative cleaning carts contribute to a more streamlined and effective cleaning process. When considering the features of a cleaning cart, you’ll need to consider the following essential features.

Storage Tools & Compartments

EZClip System on Janitor Cart with Mop BucketLook for a cleaning cart that offers ample storage for janitorial cleaning tools and supplies. With efficient, onboard organization, custodial staff has easy access to cleaning supplies, tools, and chemicals. Not only does this accessibility limit trips back and forth to the supply closet, but it also supports a more ergonomic experience for the cart user by eliminating the need to bend or stretch to access frequently needed tools.

When evaluating cleaning carts among various brands, you can look for a janitorial cart that comes with all the tools needed to get started with trash pickup, mopping, dusting, sweeping and toilet cleaning. Carts from Unger’s line up of Rx Carts provide the patented EZClip™ system to ensure all these included tools have an identified position on the cart and are securely in place when the cart is in motion.


There’s no way to avoid bumps, knocks, or spills when navigating a janitor cart within a facility, especially within a high-traffic area. The cart you choose should be made of sturdy, durable materials such as high-quality plastic or metal so that it’s able to withstand regular use and resist damage. The choice of material depends on factors such as the intended use of the cart, the specific environment it will be used in, and budget considerations.

Unger’s janitor cart with mop bucket design features a patented drip tray that keeps dripping from tools off the floor and delivers ultimate bucket stability, even when going over curbs or thresholds. When investing in your janitor cart, it’s important your tools will last. The quality of the cart ensures a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and additional expenses.


Unger Janitor Cart with Mop Bucket WheelConsider a cart with smooth-rolling wheels that can navigate different types of flooring, including carpet, tiles, or uneven surfaces. Rubber wheels offer good traction, absorb shocks, provide a smoother ride, and are less likely to leave marks on the floor. Plastic wheels can be lighter and more cost-effective, but they may not offer the same level of traction or durability as rubber wheels.

Janitorial carts often benefit from having caster wheels at the front and fixed wheels at the back.  Caster wheels allow for easy maneuverability and turning in different directions. Fixed wheels provide stability and help maintain a straight path when pushing or pulling the cart.

The Unger Rx Cart systems have quiet, non-marking casters that have debris proof covered bearings to ensure reliability and long life. Customers using the Rx carts regard the quality of our wheels and casters as one of the best features of the cart, allowing cleaners to navigate hallways efficiently without disruption.

Handle and Grips

The cleaning cart should have a comfortable, ergonomic handle that allows for easy maneuverability. The grips should be non-slip and provide a firm hold, especially when pushing or pulling the cart. Look for a handle with an ergonomic design that promotes natural hand placement and minimizes strain or discomfort during use. Ergonomic handles are typically contoured and provide a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during long cleaning shifts.

The grips on the handle should be made of non-slip materials, such as rubber or textured surfaces, to provide a secure and firm hold, even when hands are wet or gloved. This ensures better control and reduces the likelihood of accidents when using the cleaning cart.

Unger’s Ergo Rail eliminates poor posture. No matter which side of the cart you are on, it can be pushed and pulled with ease. The ultimate portable cart for maneuverability, the handrail allows you to navigate in and out of tight entrances quicker and easier.

Compact Design

An effective janitor cart  should be compact enough to maneuver around obstacles and corners, and through narrow areas, but spacious enough to hold essential cleaning supplies. The cart should have sufficient storage space to accommodate all the necessary cleaning tools and equipment. For example, a janitor cart with mop bucket should have enough space to store floor mops, a dual chamber mop bucket, and cleaning solution safely and efficiently. Additional attachments on the cart, such as holders for spray bottles, window and glass squeegees, etc., ensure the cart is optimized for the most efficient use.

You’ll also want to consider the available storage space in your facility to ensure that the cart can easily fit through doorways and into elevators, closets, or storage areas where it will be kept when not in use.

The DeepCleanRx™ is the premium cart for zone cleaning. This cart comes equipped with the OmniClean Dual Bucket mopping system that also serves as a compact cart that allows cleaners to access smaller areas.

Putting You Behind the Right Janitor Cart with Mop Bucket

Once you know your requirements for a cleaning cart, we always recommend testing a cart to find the one that strikes the right balance between capacity and maneuverability for your facility.  With the availability of multiple cart configurations, it’s important to assess the cart’s performance, handling, comfort, and overall experience.

Looking for a Better, Safer, and Faster Cleaning Experience? Unger’s durable and high-quality janitorial cleaning carts are fully customizable for specific applications. Each cleaning cart system is a ‘prescription for clean’, giving you the right tool, in the right place, for the right job.

Learn more and request to try Unger’s innovative janitor carts firsthand at your facility.



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