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No Contact Cleaning from a Distance Keeps Janitorial Staff Safer

According to ZipRecruiter, COVID-19 has led to a 75% increase in year-over-year listings for cleaners, cleaning companies and janitors on their website—highlighting a rapid demand for these services. As cleaning professionals are employed to assist with more frequent cleaning and disinfection, facilities need to consider how they will protect these workers from harmful germs and contaminants. In addition to PPE and proper social distancing, facilities can consider investing in commercial, no contact cleaning tools that help keep a desirable distance between infectious surfaces and cleaning staff.

Commercial Litter & Debris Removal Tools

When litter is a problem, employing litter removal tools is great for retrieving out of reach objects high and low, or objects that could potentially harbor dangerous germs or contaminants, such as discarded paper, cigarette butts, cans, and plastic cups, or in the particular case of the global pandemic, picking up PPE from the ground. Combined with ergonomic handles and a lightweight design, you can get cleaning jobs done fast and from a safe distance, allowing you to keep your grounds spotless.

  • NiftyNabber Grabber: A hygienic all-purpose grabber that keeps hands away from debris with a 18″ long handle and gives access hard-to-reach areas or items with its 360° rotating head.
  • AquaDozer Heavy Duty: For heavy-duty jobs and moving large volumes of water, mud, and debris, the rubber blade can be combined with our 61” Pro Aluminum handle to keep workers at a safe distance during disaster recovery efforts.

Contactless Desk, Table and Surface Cleaning Equipment

Quickly and effectively cleaning every desk, tabletop and plexiglass surface within a facility can be challenging given the frequency required and the volume of surfaces. Unger’s patented Stingray surface cleaning tool and desk & table cleaning kit allows your staff to easily clean each surface without wasting time moving chairs and desks. Custodial staff has the added benefit of touch free cleaning, keeping their hands at a safe distance from surface contaminants thanks to the Stingray’s telescopic pole that holds the microfiber cleaning pad.

Telescopic and Extendable Poles for Window Cleaning and More

Our lightweight, easy-to-assemble telescopic poles reach to height of 60 feet and beyond, keeping workers safely on the ground and away from potentially harmful germs and debris. When used in conjunction with a full range of extension pole attachments – washers, squeegees, dusters, brushes, bulb changers – no surface is left unclean and no janitorial staff is put at risk of contact with contaminants.

No Contact Cleaning Tools

Unger is the industry leader in innovative cleaning solutions, offering a variety of award-winning tools designed to keep workers safe from infectious disease and other contaminants.  Click Here to view of all our facility cleaning solutions.

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