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Possible Fecal-Oral Spread of COVID-19 Brings Attention to Commercial Restroom Cleaning

A recent article published on Cleanlink.com shed light on the importance of professional restroom cleaning in combatting the spread of infection diseases. The article noted that while many building managers and cleaning professionals are focused on the fact that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is spread by inhaling germs or touching contaminated surfaces, new evidence from China indicates it can also be spread by fecal-oral transmission.

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Now, more than ever, is the time to refocus your cleaning efforts to help prevent the transmission of germs and viruses in every area of your building.  This is particularly important for high volume, public areas such as education facilities and public transportation.  For restroom cleaning, Unger recommends utilizing microfiber technology which had proven to remove up to 96% of surface bacteria (70% better than cotton string mops according to the EPA). Combined with color-coded cleaning products that reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination and a dual bucket mopping system that prevents contaminated water from entering the cleaning process, you can effectively clean restroom floors and fixtures at this critical time.

For information on commercial restroom cleaning products and technologies that can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, click here.

Are You Leaving Your Restroom Clean?

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