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Sanitary Maintenance Names Unger’s HydroPower Ultra Pure Water System Distributor’s Choice Award Winner

Unger is excited to announce that the HydroPower® Ultra Pure Water System has won the Sanitary Maintenance 2023 Distributor Choice Award in the Cleaning Tools Category.

During a six-week voting period, janitorial and sanitation distributors were tasked with voting for their favorite commercial cleaning products in four different categories. Distributors chose and ranked their top choices for whatever reason they decided: bestselling, most preferred, most recommended, most innovative, etc. The three highest vote recipients were deemed the winners in each category.

“We are delighted that the Unger HydroPower Ultra was voted by distributors as a top innovative category winner. Unger prides itself in listening to customer needs and pushing the envelope to design more effective and time saving ways to clean. The HydroPower series of pure water cleaning solutions gives our customers the right option for their professional cleaning jobs, from the Hydropower Ultra DI based units to the powerful Hydropower R/O, there is a solution for every need,” shared Susana Stone, Unger Enterprises, Window Product Manager.

 We are honored to share the spotlight with the other category winners. Congratulations to the following winners for their commitment to innovative cleaning tools:

  • Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth from Essity
  • 3M Easy Trap Sweep & Dust Sheets from 3M Commercial Solutions Division

About HydroPower Ultra Pure Water System

Unger’s HydroPower® Ultra professional window cleaning equipment is the easiest and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces several feet high, while staying safely on the ground. HydroPower Ultra produces deionized (DI) water, resulting in pure water to clean with. Deionization is the process of removing positive metallic ions (impurities) and replacing them with hydrogen and hydroxyl, respectively forming pure water. This process removes up to 99% of all the sediment and minerals which creates impurity free water. This pure water not only leaves glass streak free, but it means there is no run off of harsh chemicals into the environment.

The Unger HydroPower systems are designed to be the perfect fit for professional cleaners. They are engineered to be portable, easy to operate, and extremely efficient. Available in two sizes as an individual unit or bundled with Unger’s Gen 2 nLITE Water Fed Poles, HydroPower Ultra is your solution to a cleaner, safer and financially economical clean.

See the Unger HydroPower® Ultra System in Action!

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