HydroPower® RO System for Window Cleaning

With the HydroPower® RO system for window cleaning, you can clean with pure water technology at minimal running cost – especially in hard water areas. This pure water RO system removes impurities from the water source by forcing it through a filter, or membrane. Using pressure to force water across the membrane, the impurities are left on one side of the membrane and the purified water on the other,  ready to move through the waterfed pole system

Due to its compact and robust design, the HydroPower RO system is easy to transport. The proven RO window cleaning technology from Unger relies on a 3-stage filtration process with 0 ppm outgoing pure water, and the water is pressurized by a high-quality stainless steel pump. The boost function allows a strong tap water-jet on demand for prewashing heavy soiled or horizontal surfaces. It will also remove cobwebs and dirt from corners that cannot be reached with a  brush.

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