Unger Rx Carts: What Sets Unger Cleaning Carts Apart?

Unger cleaning carts set the standard for janitor cleaning carts, offering a variety of configurations to support all your needs for commercial cleaning facilities, from restroom cleaning to floors and windows. These commercial cleaning carts are purpose-designed to meet custodians’ needs for daily and project cleaning.

From the Dual Bucket Floor Mopping System to the Telescopic Dustpan, the tools included with Unger janitor carts are developed to achieve optimal productivity and the highest-quality cleaning results, all with user safety top of mind. Our line of Rx cleaning carts – SpotClean Rx™DeepClean Rx™ and ZoneClean Rx™ – is easily maneuverable, features large storage possibilities, and the smartest design for organization and storage.

Enable your custodial team to clean faster and more productively with ergonomic, efficiently designed Unger cleaning carts.   Learn More About Unger Cleaning Carts.

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