ZoneClean Rx Cart

For general facility cleaning throughout the day, the ZoneClean Rx™ cleaning supply cart is configured with the basic essentials for zone cleaning. A main feature of this cart is the EZClip™ system, a sturdy, multiple clip size system ensuring all tools have a designated position and are safely secured and organized on your cart.

To tackle the various areas within your facility, this cleaning supply cart provides the flexibility to use your preferred Unger floor mopping system, whether that’s the Unger Excella or Unger OmniClean dual bucket flat mop system. Additional cart tools for other areas within your facility include the SpeedClean™ surface cleaning kit; an ergonomic telescopic dustpan with broom; an extendable duster and NiftyNabber®  for debris pickup; and a long-handled toilet brush. 

Unger’s comprehensive zone cleaning supply cart makes sure you have the right cleaning cart and tools for the right job. Download a product brochure or request an onsite demonstration of our cleaning supply cart options.

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