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4 Mistakes When Selecting Commercial Floor Cleaning Products

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

We can’t agree with this statement more when it comes to the importance of modern cleaning tools in the floor cleaning process. Long before you reach the end results, there’s a series of decisions that have already been made that impact how effective your floor cleaning efforts are, from the frequency of floor cleaning to custodial staff training. Yet, the most critical step in ensuring proper floor cleaning and disinfecting starts from the very beginning – selecting which mop system is right for your facility’s specific needs.

With over 50 years’ experience in the commercial cleaning business, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to help facility managers and building service contractors stay ahead of their efforts in maintaining safe, healthy and clean environments. And we’ve seen a lot of mistakes made along the way. Continue reading to discover our recommendations on the biggest mistakes to avoid when evaluating commercial floor cleaning products.

Mistake #1: Buying Cotton String Mops Instead of Microfiber Cleaning Pads

When choosing a mop for commercial floor cleaning, there are benefits to every type of mop. Although the upfront costs might be a bit higher, when you take into account your total cleaning costs – time, staffing, loss of work, etc. – in the long run, a microfiber mop pad is going to be the most economical option when compared to a cotton string mop.

“I still see cleaning staff that won’t give up cotton string mops” says Jim Lebrun, Regional Sales Manager, Unger. “Using a cotton string mop in 2020 is like using a tape player to play music.  You really want students or employees walking into a building and seeing a dirty brown string mop being used to clean the floors?”

In addition to the unsightliness of dirty string mops, according to a study published by the American Journal of Infection Control, microfiber mops also remove far more microbes than standard cotton string mops. The study found that using a microfiber mop with standard detergent can remove up to 95% of microbes, while only 68% of microbes were removed with standard detergent and a cotton string mop. For more information on the value of microfiber cleaning pads and mops vs. cotton string mops, click here.

Mistake #2: Buying Only One Mophead to Clean Multiple Areas

Having worked with facilities across all industries, we understand that a big part of the cleaning process is effectively using and organizing a cumbersome amount of cleaning equipment within the footprint of their facilities. Without thinking ahead of time about cross-contamination prevention within the cleaning protocols, you can easily contaminate work zones as you travel from one area to the next. “We’ve seen the same restroom mop head used for cleaning hallways, cafeterias, classrooms, you name it. When you do that, you take the restroom germs into all these other areas, and it is very avoidable.” says Katie Dorish, Regional Sales Rep, Unger.

To help control and prevent cross-contamination when cleaning, some floor cleaning kits utilize a visual color-coding system designed to designate specific cleaning zones. Using an intuitive visual coding system improves performance, enables better sanitation, and creates cleaner facilities. For more benefits of color-coded cleaning, click here.

Mistake #3: Opting for a Single Cleaning Bucket

A traditional mop system typically relies on a single chamber floor cleaning bucket and a wringer that doesn’t remove dirt. The result is a mop that spreads dirty solution and utilizes a chemical that is less effective after the first wring. “When we’re out in the field we still see a majority of single bucket chambers in use even though there is a cleaner alternative.” says Sean Erwin, Regional Sales Manager, Unger. The alternative is a mop bucket that separates clean and dirty solution. ”Independent tests confirm a dual bucket mop system not only separates clean and dirty solution, but if you source a system with an onboard washboard and wringer, you’ll never clean with dirty solution again. Given that option, why would you?” Sean added.

Mistake #4: Buying Products That Aren’t Easily Trainable

Often times we see that even though facilities may have sourced the right tools, they have not prioritized training of custodial staff on appropriate use and processes. “The misuse of chemicals and equipment can not only impact a facility’s operational dollars but can impose an increased risk factor to the employee’s own safety. Provide a simple, standardized, training platform is a must” says Tony Bransford, Regional Sales Manager, Unger.

Sourcing Commercial Floor Cleaning Products

Unger is the industry leader in innovative commercial floor cleaning products and window cleaning solutions. Our promise is to innovate with purpose which means we’re constantly in the field talking with those people that source and use cleaning solutions on a daily basis. Taking into consideration what we see and hear from those with first-hand knowledge of the cleaning experience, we’re able to  to deliver quality tools designed to make the cleaning experience cleaner, faster and safer.

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