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Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Mop with Wringer

Cleaning With The Innovative Dual Mop Bucket With Wringer Is Smarter And Easier Than Ever (And Why You Should Care)

A “how to” on floor mopping may seem unnecessary or redundant, but with labor accounting for a large portion of facility management costs, it makes sense to prioritize ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your janitorial team. In fact, reports show that cleaning floors takes between 35-40% of working time for your staff.

Without jeopardizing the level of cleanliness, as well as the health and safety of your building patrons, you can streamline routine cleaning tasks, such as floor mopping, by sourcing innovative commercial cleaning products. However, to see the maximum return on investment, the next step is supporting your investments with adequate training and standardized operating procedures.

Focusing on floor mopping specifically, an innovative dual mop bucket with wringer and scrub board supports efforts for executing cleaning faster and more efficiently. Saving time on routine floor cleaning means your staff can reallocate their time to completing more labor intensive cleaning initiatives.

Investing in Innovative Floor Care Equipment

If you’re using a single chamber mop bucket, chances are you’re cleaning with dirty solution. With today’s innovative mop buckets and floor cleaning kits, the use of a single chamber mop bucket with a cotton string mop to clean your facility is outdated. This method uses filthy, contaminated solution and a dirt-saturated string mop, which leaves behind dirt and dangerous pathogens  – everything the cleaning process should remove!

Unger dual mop bucket with wringer  The newer, innovative way of cleaning floors is with a dual chamber microfiber mop bucket with a powerful onboard scrubber and wringer. With two chambers, one contains clean solution and the other isolates the dirty solution. This design avoids contaminating your clean solution with pathogens and other debris found in the dirty solution chamber.


Unger dual mop bucket with wringer and scrub boardFurther complementing a dual chamber bucket system is the inclusion of an onboard scrubber and wringer. The scrub board removes dirt, grime and germs from the mop head and the unique horizontal wringer removes anything remaining on the mop pad.


Dual bucket systems, when used properly, can:

  • Reduce cross-contamination because bacteria, dust, and dirt are removed from a mop head via the scrub boardand left behind in the dirty solution compartment.
  • Conserve water (and expenses). When you use high-quality microfiber mops and a dual-system mop bucket, you don’t use as much water in your cleaning solution to clean a large area. Keeping the dirty solution separate from the clean solution ensures the solution stays clean for longer, reducing the number of refills.
  • Minimize slip and fall accidents because you use less water in your solution and an absorbent mop removes the remaining water from the floor.
  • Save time. Using an all-in-one system – dual chamber bucket, microfiber mop, onboard wringer and scrubber – cleaning staff will spend less time refilling buckets and cleaning floors.

Supporting Your Investments in Cleaning Innovation with Training

It’s critical to conduct formal training to share best practices on how to best use cleaning tools and equipment. This training is key when introducing a newer, more innovative solution, can teach users the correct and most efficient way to execute the job at hand. By providing training upfront, you proactively minimize any mistakes moving forward that can lead to your staff spending more time repeating a task that was not performed correctly or did not provide the desired results the first time around.

Supplementing staff training with standardized operating procedures (SOPs) provides your staff with the information needed to clean efficiently and effectively. SOPs outline the proper steps for cleaning specific areas within your facility and advise your staff on the tools, personal protection equipment, commercial cleaning supplies, and protocols that they should follow.

A Step-by-Step to Floor Mopping with a Dual Mop Bucket With Wringer

Like all commercial cleaning equipment, in order to get the most value and best results from your investment, it must be used as intended. Working side by side with facility managers and building service contractors daily, we’ve provided hands-on training for the proper use of a dual bucket mopping system, especially the Unger OmniClean, which we outline below:

Unger dual mop bucket with wringer

Step 1: Fill the two buckets to the fill line. Cleaning solution in the blue side, water in the gray side.

Step 2: Charge the mop in the clean, blue side bucket with the mop pad facing the carriage.

Step 3: Insert the mop into the wringer and wring the mop two times, making sure to completely pull the mop out of the wringer. If the mop is still wet, wring it a third time.

Now you are ready to mop with clean solution!

When your mop pad becomes soiled after mopping the floors in a figure 8 or “S” pattern, insert the mop into the gray bucket. Using the scrub board, scrub debris off the mop pad for 5-10 seconds.

Next, insert the mop back into the wringer and wring the mop twice, making sure to completely pull the mop out of the wringer each time. Once complete, recharge the mop by repeating steps 2 and 3.  Click Here for More Detailed Instructions

Floor Cleaning Innovation and Training Go Hand in Hand

Moving from an antiquated floor mopping system to an innovative dual bucket mopping system provides much more than cleaner floors; it also saves measurable time on routine cleaning. However, to see the desired results in productivity and efficiency, you have to couple your equipment investment with proper training in the use and written SOPs. When combined, you’ll gain all the benefits of cleaning better, faster and safer.

Interested in adding professional dual bucket mop buckets to your floor cleaning operations? Learn more about the award-winning Unger OmniClean and how you can receive a free demo.

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