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Unger’s nLITE® PowerPad Starts a New Era of Fast, Effective Pure Water Cleaning 

We’re excited to announce that Unger’s latest window cleaning innovation, the nLITE® PowerPad for pure water cleaning, will be participating in the ISSA Show 2023 Innovation Awards Program! This annual awards program recognizes the cleaning industry’s most innovative products and services as voted on by cleaning industry distributors, building service contractors, in-house service providers, and residential cleaners.

Can the nLITE PowerPad Earn Your Vote?

After spending a great deal of time listening to and researching the window cleaning needs of our end users, we combined that knowledge with a lot of effort going into the design, development, and manufacturing of our latest pure water cleaning innovation – the nLITE® PowerPad.

The PowerPad cleaning tool is the ultimate alternative to a water fed brush for cleaning large glass surfaces on the first floor. The intuitive design makes cleaning with pure water noticeably faster, more effective, and easier. Watch the video below to learn more.


5 Reasons to Vote for the nLITE PowerPad:

  1. The innovative swivel function with seven lockable working positions allows for 360° movement, providing flexibility and ease of maneuverability, enabling users to clean windows from various angles and positions without straining. This supports constant contact on the glass surface which makes cleaning easier and more efficient, even when working from the side.
  2. nLITE PowerPad’s self-cleaning microfiber pad is a standout feature contributing to its innovation. Due to the integrated rinse bar, which permanently rinses it with pure water over the entire surface, the microfiber cleaning pad has a self-cleaning effect. It also glides easily over the glass surface and the highly effective microfiber technology in combination with pure water leaves the glass streak-free. The microfiber pad maintains cleaning performance during use, reducing the need for frequent pad replacements and ensuring consistent cleaning results.
  3. The new nLITE PowerPad is also 100 percent pole compatible with our nLITE® Waterfed  Poles and our OptiLoc® Telescopic Poles. This offers current users of pure water cleaning and those who are just discovering this technology, ultimate flexibility.
  4. The nLITE PowerPad can also be used as a handheld tool if cleaning easy to reach, first-floor windows.
  5. The PowerPad’s thorough design and unique features make it a stand-out product that’s an affordable tool for all pure water professionals and for those new to pure water technology.

Learn more about the nLITE PowerPad’s origination and features from Dietmar Bernstein, Global Director, Product Management at Unger Enterprises.

Ready to Cast Your Vote? Here’s How

Step 1: If you haven’t already, create a MyShowPlanner Account with ISSA and follow the below steps to cast your vote.

Step 2: Visit the Innovation Award Entries tab on our profile

Step 3: Click the Add My Vote button

Step 4: Click the Start Voting button

Step 5: Scroll down to find Unger’s nLITE PowerPad entry and click Vote

Connect with Unger at the ISSA 2023 Show

The Unger team will be available at Booth #3250 where you can try out the nLITE® PowerPad for yourself along with our other window cleaning and janitorial product innovations. Visit us for live demos all day long, educational sessions, giveaways and more!

Visit Unger’s Digital Showroom to plan your visit to our booth!

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