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Pure Water Window Cleaning Tools: When to Use a Brush vs. Microfiber

Making the decision to switch to pure water window cleaning is only your first step in determining how you will use pure water – you have technology options to evaluate. You have to choose your pure water system, your window cleaning pole, and then decide on which pole attachments are best suited for the jobs at hand. When it comes to attachments, window cleaners often use a mix of attachments that include different types of brush materials, sizes and even microfiber pads. Both the brush and the pad have their benefits as pure water cleaning tools and understanding the considerations for each application will help you determine when to use each one.

The Benefits of a Pure Water Cleaning Brushes and Pads

Using an attachment to your waterfed pole is a necessity to pure water cleaning. Although a waterfed brush and microfiber pad may look completely different on the outside, there are several similarities between the two, and ultimately both will provide a streak-free finish on your glass. Here are some major benefits, similarities, and a few differences between the two tools.


unger window cleaning brush vs pad chart


How to Select the Right Pure Water Cleaning Tools

When considering a pure water window cleaning brush and/or a microfiber pad, you need to consider these key factors to determine which tool is most suitable for your specific window cleaning needs:

  1. Budget: If you have an existing Unger pure water system with a waterfed pole, then you have the foundation to use either a waterfed brush or the microfiber-based nLITE® PowerPad. However, if you use your pure water window cleaning system with a  telescopic pole instead of a waterfed pole, using the Unger nLITE PowerPad is an affordable alternative to using a waterfed pole and brush.
  2. Height of Window: If you are using pure water to clean several stories high, a waterfed pole and a durable brush is ideal to have full control of your cleaning movement. If you are often cleaning first floor windows, a lightweight microfiber handheld tool will help get your job done fast and with little fatigue.
  3. Versatility: Some window cleaning brushes are designed for multiple tasks, such as cleaning screens or frames. Consider whether you need a versatile tool that can handle different aspects of window cleaning.
  4. Personal Preference: Ultimately, personal preference and comfort with the tool play a role. Some people prefer the feel and control of a brush, while others may find a microfiber pad-based tool easier to work with, especially if they have a swivel function that allows for 360º movement on glass.

Fast and Effective Pure Water Cleaning

In many cases, the best approach to pure water window cleaning may involve using both tools in tandem. Experimenting with both tools and techniques can help you find the most effective and efficient method for your specific window cleaning tasks.

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