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Unger’s Popular Window Washing Squeegee Just Got an Upgrade

We revamped our popular VisaVersa® 2-in-1 window cleaning solution to create the new and improved VisaVersa® Pro! This upgraded window washing squeegee maintains the benefits of the original tool while catering to your unique needs and work style with three different cleaning modes.

With Unger’s 2-in-1 window cleaning tool eliminating the need to constantly switch cleaning attachments, you can achieve professional results at an affordable cost and with increased efficiency.

Innovative Features Elevate the Typical Window Washing Squeegee


Unger VisaVersa Features

#1 Flat Microfiber Pad

VisaVersa’s flat microfiber pad offers significant benefits for cleaning windows outdoors compared to other types of pad materials. First, microfiber pads have superior absorbency, which makes them exceptionally good at capturing and removing dirt, dust, and grime. They are more effective at trapping these particles instead of merely spreading them around like cotton or other synthetic materials.

Second, a microfiber pad’s smooth and soft texture does not scratch the glass surface, ensuring that windows stay clear and undamaged in the cleaning process. Third, microfiber pads do not require harsh chemical cleaners; they can effectively clean with water alone, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

Additionally, their durable material allows them to be machine washed and reused for up to 300 cycles, offering cost-effective longevity that outperforms other pad materials in functionality and lifespan.

#2 ErgoTec®  XL Handle

Ergonomically designed tools significantly contribute to the efficiency, safety, and comfort of window cleaning tasks. Designed with the user top of mind, tools such as window squeegees and extendable poles can reduce the strain on the worker’s hands, wrists, and arms, reducing the risk of repetitive motion injuries. The improved, non-slip grip that these tools provide also enhances efficiency, allowing workers to clean windows faster and for extended times, enhancing job performance and satisfaction.

Unger’s line of ergonomically designed squeegee handles allows cleaners to use each tool quickly and easily, and when used in conjunction with a Unger telescopic pole, promotes safety by eliminating the need for tall ladders and lifts for up to second story cleanings

#3 Quick Release Clamp

The VisaVersa’s quick release clamp enhances the tool’s overall safety by securing the tool effectively and preventing it from unexpectedly detaching. Using a quick-release clamp not only increases productivity but also extends the tool’s lifespan by reducing wear and tear from repeated adjustments.

#4 OPTILOC® Pole Compatible

Unger telescopic poles have always been the ideal equipment for professional window cleaners to work from the ground. The VisaVersa connects to Unger’s 2 or 3-section aluminum telescopic poles, available in 12 different lengths, allowing the cleaning of windows and glass surfaces up to 30 feet high.

#5 S-Channel with Soft Rubber

The S-Channel is intended to squeegee windows and reduce detailing time. Complete with ErgoTec Soft Replacement Rubber, the s-channel features notched edges for a secure hold of both the channel and the rubber, preventing slipping side to side, wobbling or bending.

#6 Ergonomic Thumbplate for Rubber Replacement

Changing out the rubber blades on a window washing squeegee is a routine task for window cleaners to ensure that the squeegee effectively removes water and leaves windows streak-free. The VisaVersa’s ergonomic thumbplate ensures that the cleaner has a firm and stable grasp of the tool when performing this task so that it can be completed quickly and safely.


Are You Ready to Clean Windows Faster and Safer?

Interested in the VisaVersa window washing squeegee plus washer? You can enter to win a VisaVersa Pro now, with drawings starting February 16th until April 26th, 2024. Please note, only one entry per person. Once you have submitted your entry, you’ll be considered in every drawing post submission. Winners will be contacted via email and prizes will be shipped post confirmation from the winner. Must be a United States resident to participate. Please visit here for Unger’s Terms & Conditions.

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