SpotClean Rx Cart

For quick cleanup of spills, surface cleaning and more, the SpotClean Rx™ janitor cleaning cart is configured for lighter-duty needs around your facility in areas such as office cubicles, cafes, study and work areas. Providing a lighter kit than our DeepClean Rx™ and ZoneClean RX™ cleaning carts, the SpotCleanRx is configured specifically for spot cleaning. 

The features of this janitor cleaning cart include the new EZClip™, a sturdy, multiple clip size system ensuring all tools have a designated position and are safely secured and organized on your cart. Also included onboard with this option are the Unger Excella floor cleaning kit and SpeedClean window cleaning tools, which fit securely on the cleaning cart to ensure the system is complete for all of your spot cleaning needs.

Unger’s lineup of Rx carts makes sure you have the right janitor cleaning cart and tools for the right job. Download a product brochure or request an onsite product demonstration.

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