DeepClean Rx™ Janitorial Cart

Providing more robust cleaning tools than our SpotClean Rx™ cleaning cart, the DeepClean Rx™ janitorial cart is our go-to option for your facility’s end-of-day or overnight deep cleaning needs. Featuring the all-new EZClip™ system,  a sturdy, multiple clip size system ensuring all tools have a designated position and are safely secured and organized on your cart.


DeepCleanRx also includes the award-winning Unger OmniClean dual bucket flat mop system for all your large area, floor cleaning needs. Complementing the onboard floor cleaning kit is the Unger Stingray™, the ultimate indoor surface cleaning tool. 

Unger’s janitorial cart options make sure you have the right cleaning cart and tools for the right job. Download a product brochure or request an onsite demonstration of a janitorial cart.

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