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The Ins and Outs of a Water Fed Pole Package for Commercial Window Cleaning

Henry Unger got his start in the cleaning industry as a professional window washer that adopted the mission to improve the common glass squeegee, making it more efficient, easy-to-use and safe. From the beginning, his innovative philosophy always led with prioritizing the needs of the window cleaner. Since revolutionizing the squeegee, Unger USA has continued to focus on developing innovative tools, such as the water fed pole package, that help professionals clean windows better, safer and faster, as seen with the latest in waterfed pole systems.

These commercial window cleaning systems help professionals avoid dangerous ladders while safely and effectively cleaning upper-story windows from the ground level. Yet, with a variety of water fed pole packages available today, there are subtle (as well as more obvious) differences in the features of each system. Unger has challenged the way most waterfed poles are designed, from flexible hose management to the telescoping modular system, with every water fed pole part designed with the window cleaner top of mind.

Basic Components of a Water Fed Pole Package

A standard waterfed pole system includes a pole, clamping system, hose management, an angle adaptor and cleaning brush. Below we review the specifics of each feature, using Unger’s latest generation of the nLITE® waterfed pole system as the example so that you have a thorough understanding of what components to look for when sourcing a waterfed pole system.

  1. Water Fed Pole

Unger’s latest nLITE® pole features a telescoping, yet modular design. The pole starts with a precision grip, 6-section pole that telescopes (the Master Pole) and extends to 28 feet in length. If needed, extra Extension Poles can be added in increments of 10.5 feet. The modular design of the system allows each of the 10.5 ft add-ons to telescope to meet the cleaning heights you need to reach. Unger’s version of the Extension Poles features yellow and red visual warnings to prevent unintentional separation and a potential safety hazard.


water fed pole package nlite


  1. Pole Clamping System

The nLITE® water fed pole contains a Smartlock Clamp System. These adjustable clamps ensure the right amount of tension when working at different heights. The individual green clamps adjust and secure the height of the pole, allowing you to increase or decrease the tension on each section of the pole. The top clamps attach the necessary extension poles and window washing accessories when needed.


  1. Water Fed Hose

The nLITE® telescoping pole allows for either internal or external hose management, both ensuring trouble-free hose routing. When used externally, the hose runs from the base through hose management clips up until the end of the master pole. Other features include a stable quick-fit metal hose connector, a practical shut-off valve that prevents leakage during transport, and a pre-installed, dynamic control that guarantees optimum water flow at all times.


  1. Angle Adapters

You can increase your reach and angle with a variety of gooseneck adapters that come in various lengths. With the gooseneck adapter system, you can reach maximum flexibility even in hard-to-reach places.


water fed pole package angle adapter


  1. Water Fed Pole Brush

A brush with power bristle technology and rotating capabilities allows you to tackle any window cleaning challenge with confidence. With the bristles spread out, water can freely flow to the glass surface. Additionally, the brush block is so light weight that the nLITE® brushes can be made in widths of up to 16 inches for maximum coverage.


  1. Rinse Bar

A special flushing nozzle bar is attached above the brush and delivers the right amount of pure water exactly where it is needed for powerful rinsing of the cleaned surface. Water jets from the nozzle block built into the middle of the brush ensure powerful dirt removal, especially ideal in connection with the swivel function.


  1. Swivel Function

The swivel function of a waterfed pole is a completely new way of cleaning with pure water up to the second floor (20’). Open the swivel lock and experience the advantages, including: The brush socket can be swiveled freely through 180°, enabling the surface to be cleaned with an S movement with the brush touching down over the entire surface; Enlarges the work area, ideal for cleaning from boom lifts or gondolas

Adding Pure Water to Your Water Fed Pole Package

In addition to the water fed pole, you may choose to use pure water in the window cleaning process, which adds a few additional components to the solution:


  • TDS Meter

The TDS meter included with a pure water cleaning system is a tool with an electrical probe in the bottom of it that runs electricity through the water and tells you how clean the water is (how many impurities). If you were to take a TDS meter and measure the level of impurities in tap water (measured in parts per million), you would likely see a reading of 100-200 mg/l. Compare tap water to pure water which normally registers at .000-.001 parts per million, meaning it contains virtually no damaging minerals or sediments.


  • Filters

To remove the impurities the water must run through a filter. There is a carbon filter that removes the larger debris and chlorine, a RO (Reverse Osmosis) Membrane that removes about 98% of the water’s impurities, and then a DI (deionization ) Filter. The remaining water goes through a deionization (DI) resin to clean up the rest of the water. Depending on your pure water system, you may only need a DI filter.

What is the Best Waterfed Pole and Pure Water System?

If you’re considering pure water for your window cleaning jobs or simply would like to have a demonstration on how waterfed poles work, contact us for more information and recommendations as to which window cleaning tools and pure water filter system is the best choice for you.


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