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3 Takeaways from ISSA 2022

ISSA 2022 18ft WindowThe International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) event is one that we look forward to every year, not only because we get to meet so many of our customers, but also because we get to have great discussions in one place about how people are cleaning their buildings. The following are our top takeaways from all the conversations we had in our booth:



  1. Pure Water Cleaning is on the Rise

At our booth the last couple years, we set up a 18 feet high window glass panel to demonstrate our innovative Hydropower Ultra and Hydropower RO system window cleaning kits. Last year in Las Vegas, we talked to a number of window cleaners who had never heard of pure water cleaning. This year? Not so much.

Nearly everyone had some familiarity with pure water cleaning, and this is great news all around. The more we use pure water window cleaning for multi-story buildings, the cleaner the planet will be and the safer window washers will be. Pure Water Cleaning has been widely adopted in Germany, and we’re happy awareness is increasing as well.


  1. Customers are growing extremely dissatisfied with single bucket mop cleaning kits

Most of the customers we talked to about floor cleaning were very dissatisfied with how dirty their single chamber mop buckets were getting, and who could blame them. Single chamber mop buckets have no choice but to get dingy when you’re using dirty solution to clean. This isn’t good for anybody, especially floor cleaners. Mop Buckets should look fresh after repeated uses, and we’re proud that our dual chamber mop buckets and floor cleaning solutions offer the best chance to keep your mop buckets and your cleaning solution as fresh as possible after long use.


  1. Inflation is making customers reevaluate their commercial cleaning choices

Labor costs have been rising consistently over the last decade, but the recent inflation the world is experiencing has expedited this trend for the cleaning industry. Customers repeatedly told us it is a critical business need to find ways to clean more cost effectively, and luckily, there are easy solutions out there, specifically for floor cleaning systems, microfiber mop systems, window and glass cleaning kits, and water fed pole systems for pure water window cleaning.


Overall, we came away optimistic about the future of the cleaning industry. Cleaning safer, faster, and more efficiently is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, and this will end up creating a cleaner world for everybody and our planet. If you would like a free consultation on how you can clean your buildings more effectively on your budget, contact us here.


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