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Putting a Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System to the Test

Despite all the advances in floor mopping, including the introduction of small, fully functioning scrubber-driers, the majority of floor cleaning activity is still carried out manually using single bucket ‘kentucky’ type mopping systems. The greatest drawback of these single bucket mop systems is that the water in which the commercial floor mop is rinsed is also the water which is used to mop the floor. Consequently, for a large part of the time spent mopping, a floor is effectively being cleaned with dirty water, which gets progressively dirtier as the mopping continues.

Flat mopping systems have sought to overcome this problem by having self-contained “on-board” water storage. These water reservoirs are, however, of limited capacity and restrict the area which can be cleaned without being refilled from a water supply, which is often a significant distance from the area being cleaned. Even with the addition of gravity-fed backpacks, water capacity remains an issue, together with some resistance amongst cleaning operatives to wear them.

An Alternative Dual Bucket, Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

A solution to this age-old challenge is a dual-bucket cleaning system. This type of mop system is comprised of two buckets, one of which contains the water for rinsing the mop, which gets progressively dirtier, and one which contains clean water used for cleaning the floor, and which remains relatively clean throughout mopping.

Dual-bucket systems generally have the same design theme: two buckets are fitted to a chassis with either one or two wringers. However, traditionally this creates a working platform which tends to be cumbersome in use, not at all ergonomic and is difficult to store in small storage areas. As a result, the dual bucket mop system has gained only limited traction in the commercial cleaning sector.

Overcoming the Challenges of Dual Bucket Systems

With the typical challenges in mind, Unger introduced a new dual bucket mopping system which has been developed to offer a flexible, efficient and effective alternative to traditional mopping. In addition to the dual bucket design, the mop system features a unique horizontal wringer and  scrub board that’s designed to remove more debris from the microfiber commercial floor mop, thus leaving floors cleaner and more hygienic than what has previously been possible with other systems.

To test the effectiveness of Unger’s OmniClean floor cleaning kit against a traditional mop system, the company engaged Sitemark, a provider of independent best practice benchmarking for cleaning, recycling and general facilities management services and products, to assess the performance. Sitemark tested OmniClean, in two separate configurations, against a traditional single bucket Kentucky system and a leading competitor’s flat mopping system with ‘onboard’ water supply.  The goals of the independent test were to measure how effective OmniClean is at removing bacteria and other key user benefits.

How the Test Worked

A diamond polished concrete floor surface located in a typical leisure facility, with moderate soiling, was separated into 4 equal areas adjacent to each other. These were swept clean to remove loose debris and each area was swab tested using an Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) meter to determine the level of hygiene, prior to being mopped.

An equal amount of clean water was used for each of the 4 systems and each area was mopped and left to dry. The floor was deemed to be dry at the point when stepping on the last section mopped did not leave a footprint on the surface, thus when it would be safe to remove a ‘Wet Floor’ sign.

The Results of Testing the Latest Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

In summary, the OmniClean floor mopping system was found to be twice as effective in removing microbes than traditional floor cleaning systems.

Never Clean with Dirty Water Again

For building service contractors, janitorial services and facility managers, having the latest floor cleaning equipment makes the cleaning experience more efficient, safer and cleaner. Clean floors with water 13x cleaner and remove 93% of soil with the OmniClean Floor Care System. Request a 1:1 Virtual or In Person Demonstration Today.

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