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Setting Up for Success: What Goes into a High Access Window Cleaning Starter Kit?

Every skilled craftsman needs an equally skilled toolkit. So when starting a professional window cleaning business, or investing in an expansion of your current operations, you require the right tools and equipment to ensure an efficient and effective cleaning. A well-equipped window cleaning starter kit can spell the difference between efficient, effective cleaning, and an arduous, time-consuming endeavor. Here are the essentials for a professional window cleaning starter kit:

Window Cleaning Extension Pole

The cornerstone of any window cleaning starter kit is the extension pole, a requirement when faced with high-access windows. The length of extension poles can vary considerably, so you’ll want to select one that matches the average height of the windows you’ll be servicing. For added versatility, consider telescopic poles, as they offer the advantage of adjustability for different window heights.

Telescopic window cleaning poles not only bring high access windows within your reach, but they also ramp up your safety game by eliminating the need for hazardous ladder use.

Extension poles can be made from different materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber, each bringing something unique to the table. For example, while aluminum poles might be a more cost-effective choice upfront, fiberglass and carbon fiber alternatives tend to perform better in terms of longevity, lightness, and control. When making your selection, it’s worth considering these factors to determine which pole is the best fit for your professional needs and budget.

Pro Tip:  Unger’s Carbon Trad Pole is an ideal solution for professional window cleaners searching for a lightweight and durable telescopic pole for high-access cleaning. Crafted from carbon fiber, this telescopic pole offers exceptional strength and rigidity for easy pole work, while reducing user fatigue and minimizing shoulder strain. The Carbon Trad Pole is available in 8’, 12, and 20’ lengths to provide a range of telescopic heights. 

Glass Squeegees & Scrubbers

Choosing the right glass squeegees and scrubbers may seem like a small detail, but it can significantly impact your cleaning process and results.

Squeegees come in a variety of sizes to suit different window sizes, but the role and the quality of the rubber blade is a gamechanger. The quality of the blade directly influences the efficiency of your cleaning process. A sharp, high-grade blade can effectively eliminate water, leaving no streaks in its wake.

When it comes to scrubbers, we advise opting for a scrubber with a sleeve that’s high in absorbency to accomplish the most productive pre-cleaning effort. This allows it to hold an ample amount of window cleaning solution, reducing the need for frequent reapplications, and ultimately saving time during the window cleaning process.

Pro Tip: Unger provides a comprehensive range of cleaning tool adapters and locking cones to add the perfect finishing touch to your cleaning tool system. By using our cleaning tool adapters, you can quickly and easily attach squeegees and washers to clean at any angle up to 300ø. Additionally, our adjustable clamps and locking cones ensure that your cleaning tools remain firmly attached to handles and telescopic cleaning poles, providing the utmost security while you work.

Glass Scrapers

Even with the most efficient scrubber, you’ll encounter stuck-on dirt, tape, stickers, or other tough residues on glass surfaces. Outfitted with a sharp blade, a window and glass scraper excels at dealing with these residues, cutting through them without inflicting harm on the window itself.

Pro Tip: Given the inherent sharpness of a window scraper’s blade, safety should always be a key consideration. When choosing a scraper, pay attention to features that prioritize user safety. Look for a scraper with a comfortable handle that provides a firm grip, reducing the risk of accidental slips. Additionally, a scraper that includes a protective cap for the blade when not in use can mitigate potential injuries.

Window Cleaning Buckets

While a basic window cleaning bucket will do the trick, investing in a bucket with a sieve or grid offers an advantage. This additional feature allows you to immerse the scrubber in the window cleaning solution and then squeeze out any excess liquid, ensuring the optimal amount of solution is retained. When selecting your bucket, look for one with a robust handle for easy transportation and a generous capacity to minimize excessive refilling.

Pro Tip: Having an easily accessible bucket is a game changer. Unger’s classic bucket on a belt serves as a holder for all of your essential tools and promotes unparalleled efficiency and safety in your routine. It offers easy and immediate access to your squeegees, washer, scraper, and cleaning solution, allowing you to swiftly switch between them as needed. This instant access eliminates unnecessary movements and reduces the time spent ascending and descending a ladder, if required.

Microfiber Window Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths are the finishing touch in window cleaning, adding the final detail to your streak-free shine. Engineered to be highly absorbent, microfiber cleaning cloths are especially suited for detail-oriented tasks such as dabbing off excess water or wiping away lingering cleaning solution from window corners, edges and sills. They are also efficient at dry pre-cleaning tasks thanks to their static that’s a magnet for dust, capturing it rather than simply displacing it into the air.

The versatility and functionality of microfiber cloths solidify their place in your window cleaning starter kit. Their usage not only contributes to a more refined end result but also adds an extra layer of professionalism to your service.

Pro Tip: With all of the benefits of microfiber cleaning technology, you want to protect your investment through proper care and cleaning. Microfiber is quite different from washing other materials, such as cotton cleaning cloths, due to its unique properties and construction. To ensure that your microfiber investment lasts and continues to perform at its highest level, follow these do’s and don’ts on how to clean microfiber cleaning cloths.

Customizing Your Window Cleaning Starter Kit

By investing in top-tier, long-lasting cleaning tools, you’re underlining your commitment to high-quality service delivery and customer satisfaction. Coupled with regular maintenance and the timely replacement of tools when warranted, you’ll not only improve performance but also safeguard your investment.

Starting a window cleaning business or expanding on existing services can feel like a daunting task, but as far as the equipment and supplies you’ll need, with the right tools in hand, your chances to meet profitability goals significantly improve. Choosing the best window cleaning products and making purchasing decisions should not be based on price alone, so take the time to explore the elements of a comprehensive window cleaning starter kit that you can customize to serve your business over time.

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